This June 18, 2019, the representatives of the Industry and Production Chamber (CIP) and the Ecuadorian Mining Chamber (CME) signed an inter institutional cooperation agreement that among its main axis is to propose joint activities and strategies in order to position the responsible mining activity as one of the pillars of the country´s social and economic development.

Within this agreement, it is also established to foster training and dialogue spaces which will allow the people in general to get to know the benefits of formal mining.

Pablo Zambrano, President of CIP mentioned the importance of unity and of joint management of the production sectors as they move towards the same objective, which is to give impulse to a country that has been immersed in a period of economic recession. This can only be achieved thru investment and generation of formal employment positions.

To finalize, Santiago Yepez Davila, President of CME reminded all the importance of legal stability to be able to comply with the commitments made with the State and the people, he also thanked the support that CIP the most representative trade union in Ecuador has given to mining.

Industrial mining is on its way to become Ecuador´s second source of income by 2021, performing its work with the highest standards of social and environmental responsibilities. Hand in hand with the latest technologies and a qualified work force that for the most part come from the same area that the mining projects are located.