Be Part of the CME

  • Membership. It will be part of the most representative union of the Ecuadorian mining industry nationally and internationally.
  • Information. You will receive specialized news from the Ecuadorian and international mining sector. You will have access to events, talks and seminars relevant to the industry, including academic training aimed at the mining business sector.
  • Contacts and promotion. It will have contact with the national and international mining companies that operate in the country and with the most important specialized suppliers in the industry, through events and publicity coordinated with the CME.
  • Discounts or free entry. By being a member, you will have a special economic treatment for events organized or endorsed by the CME.
  • Voice and vote As a partner you will have a voice and vote in the definition of the political and business agenda that the CME promotes each year. We maintain a constant voice with the authorities of the branch to promote a coherent and competitive regulatory framework.

“For concerted, technically sustainable mining
and socially responsible”