CME Directory

The Ecuadorian Mining Chamber has as its governing authority the General Board of Members, which is conformed by all its active members. Its Executive branch is the Directory, that has the mission to guide and direct the institution policy.

Within its structure the Chamber has an Executive Directory, with the assistance of a Lawyer that acts as its Trustee and an Institutional Communications Department.

Benjamin Mace

Benjamin Mace


David Larenas

David Larenas

Vice President

Principal Directory

  • Rodrigo Izurieta
  • Santiago Bustamante
  • Andrew Taunton
  • Nathan Monash
  • Jorge Barreno

Alternate Directory

  • Juan Xavier Escudero
  • John Youle
  • Alfredo Peña
  • Augusto Flores
  • Raúl de la Torre

Executive Director

  • Lorena Álvarez