About Us

The Chamber of Mining of Ecuador was founded on March 19, 1979, with domicile in the city of Quito. It was established as a private law entity that seeks to encourage and promote the development of the country’s mining activity as an organized and priority industry, as well as any activity related to the exploration and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources and related and derived activities. It is also responsible for ensuring the effective validity of the rights of its members.

At the moment it has more than 100 partners between natural and legal persons that are dedicated to the exploration, exploration, exploitation, benefit, smelting, refining and commercialization of minerals obtained in Ecuadorian territory. They are also natural and legal persons that exercise representation, technical and legal assistance or consulting in mining matters. The main national and international mining companies that are developing work in the field of metallic and non-metallic resources are associated with this Chamber.